About Us

Hornady Reloading Redzone photo

Celebrating over 40 years in the Grand Island business community, G.I. Loan Shop buys, sells, trades and offers cash loans on items large and small. We also have a wide selection of firearms, firearms equipment and jewelry.

Merchandise includes new and used firearms and more!

Along with selling both new and used firearms, we buy larger items on the pawn side of the business. Our merchandise includes musical instruments, power tools, sporting goods, electronics and pre-owned jewelry. We offer cash loans on most anything of value with up to 120 days to pay back or pay interest to extend the loan. Merchandise in the pawn shop changes constantly, so there’s something new for customers to see each week.

One-stop shop for firearms enthusiasts

Prior to buying G.I. Loan Shop, Darlo Beazley attended gunsmithing school. His father, Joy Beazley, was interested in firearms, and they thought the pawn shop would be a doorway into the business. Darlo continues to service firearms (to a limited degree), making G.I. Loan a one-stop shop for the firearms enthusiast with a wide selection of rifles and pistols, reloading equipment and accessories. We are always buying, selling and pawning firearms and typically have brands such as Winchester, Colt, Remington, Smith & Wesson, Ruger and others.

The store also has a wide variety of reloading components, such as primers, powder, wads, shot, bullets and reloading tools. You can purchase bullets from our online store. We also carry gun cases, hunting knives, targets and target throwers, paint ball equipment and accessories.

With Hornady Manufacturing, an internationally recognized leader in the ammunition business, headquartered in Grand Island, we specialize in Hornady products.

Classes Available

We also provide classroom instruction for people interested in becoming licensed to carry a concealed weapon. Jon Beazley, Darlo's son, teaches concealed-carry classes. He is the next generation in the business. Both Beazley’s mom and dad, Joy and Marietta Beazley, are also active in the business, plus daughter, Jill Simons, works at the store. It is truly a family business.