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Pawn & Services

Top Quality Merchandise


G.I. Loan Shop has been a name in the pawn business since the 1920s in Grand Island. We specialize in firearms, Jewelry, and tools. We offer a variety of services including: selected gunsmithing, appraisals, and firearm consignment. Our staff is skilled at appraising and professionally pricing all of our merchandise. We have a wide selection of goods priced well under retail. In addition we have of a selection of affordable musical instruments, power tools, sporting goods, electronics & pre-owned jewelry. The list goes on and on. The good thing is that the merchandise in the pawn shop is always changing. So, whenever you visit your favorite shop, there will always be something new for you to see.


Our Services

  • GLOCK Blue Label Program thumbnail

    GLOCK Blue Label Program

    GLOCK is proud to offer the exclusive Blue Label program to support those who protect and serve communities across the U.S. and around the world. Those who qualify will receive a discount on any GLOCK pistol of their choice while shopping at G.I. Loan Shop. learn more »
  • Gun Transfers thumbnail Handgun and pen and paperwork required for the background check for a gun purchase

    Gun Transfers

    G.I. Loan Shop provides transfers for internet sales, as well as shipping and transfers for in state and out of state personal sales. With knowledge of the gun laws in Nebraska, we are able to help you secure your registrations, titles, and transfers the right way.

  • Limited Gunsmithing thumbnail

    Limited Gunsmithing

    Whether it’s general maintenance, reassembly, repair, or diagnostics, G.I. Loan Shop can help. Our gunsmiths will also check for potential safety hazard issues with your firearm, and either make repairs or recommend qualified gunsmiths for your specific brand and type of firearm. Give us a call to see if we can help!

  • Pawn/Loans thumbnail


    We offer cash loans on most anything of value. Up to 120 days to pay back or pay interest to extend loans. We are always loaning or purchasing quality tools, guns, gold jewelry, scrap gold. Anytime you’re short…come see us! learn more »


Our Pawn Products

  • Electronics thumbnail


    • Big screen TV’s
    • Stereo equipment
    • Gaming systems
    • Computers
    • Digital cameras
  • Instruments/Music thumbnail


    • School band instruments
    • Guitars
    • Amps
    • Studio equipment
  • Jewelry thumbnail


    • Gold Silver
    • Gemstones
    • Engagement rings
    • Vintage
  • Tools thumbnail


    • Power tools
    • Hand tools
    • Many name-brand items